GT 40 's Up Against.. Vipers MarqueMadness

GT 40 \'s Up Against.. Vipers MarqueMadness


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Posted: Tue Feb 15, 2005 6:08 am Post subject: dedicated to Ford's GT40 and Dodge's Viper


Well should we do the following:
MM has been in contact with a producer for The Travel channel and it looks like MarqueMadness would be a great finale for a program that is underway.
The show is described as……part of the Travel Channel's "Kings of the Road" anthology series. It will be one full hour dedicated to Ford's GT40 and Dodge's Viper. During the hour, which will be fast-paced, entertaining and informative…….. We will see why these hot 500 horsepower super cars are truly Kings of the Road. We will cover each car’s current performance and handling features, as well as take a look back into how Ford got into the race with the GT40 at Le Mans in 1966.

In Detroit, we'll go under the hood and see just why the GT's command such a big asking price.. We will highlight how the GT's are custom built from the ground up...For those looking for affordable options; we will show you the Ford replicas.... and watch one being assembled ….

Viper has come a long way since its first 1992 model. We'll drive you through its past and take you into its future...During the hour, we'll meet the fans, we'll watch the cars do what they do best. Go fast and perform well.

As the last segment of the show, I was really hoping to show a side by side match up between Ford's GT and the Dodge SR-10

I also really like the idea of a big line of GT's and a big Line of Vipers at Marque Madness at Laguna Seca.. That is an image that will get replayed time and again. We would have our work cut out for that, but I think it’s worth it.

I am looking for passionate fans of either vehicle to show up, show off and let the 72 million travel channel viewers see just why these cars carry such a mystique and following. The last special we produced for Travel was "Corvette and Mustang Reborn" and its the second highest rated show behind the very popular World Poker Tours. The folks who participate will be seen and heard.

….. The other one-hour show I am doing is called the American Muscle

Who can help and should we make this happen?
Let us know here.....
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Re: GT 40 \'s Up Against.. Vipers MarqueMadness

Double D, or whatever your real name is, most of the folks on this forum (probably over 99% of them) are fans of the GT40 and are interested in building, driving, and owning GT40s.

There are a couple of members here who have Ford GTs, which as you probably know on this communicty we consider the Ford GT a completely different car than a GT40.

At any rate, you've posted this numerous times and received lukewarm response at best. I am assuming that members who wish to go or help you are informed and will contact you. If you continue to post it I'll consider it spam and delete all the posts as well as your forum ID here.