GT 40 "Tulip" walnut shift knobs with emblem

Rick Muck- Mark IV

GT40s Sponsor
We are back up and running. The first of the limited supply Brazilian Rosewood knobs are off the lathe and ready for thread inserts. We have M8-1.25, M10-1.25, M10-1.50 and 1/2"-20 inserts on hand. Other sizes by special order.

The walnut knobs are $95.00 and the Rosewood are $119.00 plus shipping. They are finished with a heat activated finish that is very resistant to body oils and makes a nice gloss finish. These include the "GT40" enamel insert. No insert knobs are available as well by order. We can also supply custom knob sizes. Our standard knob is based on the FAV knob but we do them about 1/4" taller as most seem like the fit to hand better. We can supply FAV dimensions at no extra cost. PayPal or credit cards are accepted. PM or email [email protected]


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