GT40 @ 40. Chris from the Midlands, UK

Hey all,

I know forums aren't really the done things these days thanks to the likes of Facebook, but they are a trove of information and I will need plenty with my build!

My names Chris, based in the Midlands for now and as I've just turned 40, wanted to line up my next project once I button up my current financial black hole a 1970 440 Dodge Charger R/T.

I'm about to take posession of a GT Forte (I know) flat pack chassis, with the aim of making some modifications to it during construction. As a 6' 3", 16 stone unit, I aim to build a MK2 complete with Gurney bubble. The aim for now is a conservative 302 SBF with the possibility of going 351w or even 427FE down the line (though I already have one big block car so am leaning towards staying small block)

I've done 99% of the work on the Charger from metal/bodywork and paint to wiring and engine building. The only thing I didn't have a hand in was rechroming the front bumper and doing the actual machinework on the engine block due to lack of facilties. I will be approaching the GT40 in very much the same way, aiming to fabricate and build as much as I can, but also relying on what appears to be a fantastic community for tips, advice, the occasioanal piss taking, and raiding your parts bins.

See you on the road


Randy V

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Welcome to GT40’s Chris!
Yes, these forums are probably the largest trove of GT40 information available online. We look forward to the sharing of your build in the Build Logs forum!


There is a lot of information here on the GT Forte. Make sure you go through those logs. I also suggest you find a way to make sure you receive all that you ordered up front to assure you do not have delivery difficulties later in your project.

Good luck.

Brian Kissel

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Welcome to GT40S Chris. You have received some excellent advice above. Do your due diligence on the GTFORTE. Enjoy the forum.

Regards Brian

Mike Pass

You might find this build log useful.
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Hi all, thanks for the warm welcome. I'm very much aware of Darren and the troubles with GTForte, however as the other companies only offer prebuilt chassis and I want to do a scratch build with some modifications to the chassis, I'm not left with a great deal of choice. That combined with a cheap kit coming up for sale and too many dots are joining for me not to grab the chassis even if I'm not quite ready to start building yet.

I should finish up my Charger for the summer by which time I hope to have a better idea of what uprights/geometry/engine and transaxle config. I'll be aiming for but the ball park idea right now is race capable with the occasional trip on a Sunday morning for coffee.

As always I am open to ideas, comments, critique, and whatever spare parts you or your wives may be tripping over. I have a thick skin, am difficult to offend, and the first to put my hand up when I don't know what I'm doing or in the wrong.

With that being said, whilst it is unfortunate that GTForte has the reputation that they do, for me, a chassis kit (no matter how complete) is an ideal way for me to realise a long held dream. I have access to workshops, my own garage space and I will make this happen :)
Thanks for the vids Mike, all very valuable stuff. Looking forward to getting started on the project now that I have (most) of the chassis here