GT40 Digital Artworks

I am currently putting together a collection of digital artwork pieces that represent the history of the GT40 as a race car. Each piece is 25x30cm and will be either printed and mounted for framing or done as an aluminium panel ready for hanging.

An example of the works can be seen below.

I would be interested to hear from anyone with ideas on which cars to feature in the collection which I plan to be 12 panels.

The panels will be produced in a limited run of 25 pieces for each design.
Cars I believe should be featured:

Daytona 1966 Winner

Sebring 1966 Dan Gurney / Jerry Grant Car

Sebring 1966 Hill / Stewart Car

Le Mans 1966 Winner

Le Mans 1966 Second

Le Mans 1966 Third

Le Mans 1966 XGT-1 Alan Mann Racing

Le Mans 1966 Essex Wire Racing Car No. 59

Le Mans 1968 Winner

Le Mans 1969 Winner

This is 10 cars, so what else to feature.
Here's a few you should consider GT40P/1049 This was the car that started Gulf Oils sponsorship with JWAE It was a road car with race car specs owned by the Vice president of Gulf Oil Grady Davis. And loaned to JWAE for the 1967 Daytona race. When the Mirage M1 where not available. It was the first GT40 run in original Gulf colours of Dark blue and Orange. The car was painted Diamond metallic blue and had an Orange centre stripe added. It had the best result of all the Fords entred It came 6th overall and won its class. It beat the sole surviving MKII. It had two bulges on its front clip. I do not know why you choose the 1966 Gurney Grant Sebring entry? For a start Gurney was partnered with A J Foyt in this race not Grant your muddling this with the Number 3 Shelby entry at the 1966 Le Mans. This car was disqualified for being pushed across the line when the engine broke! It would he finished second if it was left were it broke down. The car that was the winner should be done the unique MKII roadster formerly the 1965 Can Am entry The X-1 GT/110. Since you are showing the top of the front clip it may be difficult to show the roadsters features. The Stewart/Hill 1966 entry was a Alan Mann small block lightweight AMGT-2. You would have to include GT/103 Shelbys 1965 Daytona winning Ford GT the first win for the project and also the Prototype GT/101 that started the program although this car has not front panel. Do not be fooled but the recent recreation of GT/102 that has a black bonnet when it showed be satin dark blue. The first twelve cars were know as Ford GT's If your going to feature a car associated with the GT40 race history the M1 Mirage falls into this cateorgory as it was built up on an un-number GT40 chassis. Then theres the 1967 Le Mans winner as you a say a different car. Its a rebodied J-car and not a GT40. Although its part of the family. Just a question for my poor eyes is your roundel surrounds and edging on you great artwork of MKII GT40P/1015 Ken Miles car second at Le Mans Dark Blue or Black it should be the former I apologize if it is.
Regards Allan