GT40 Gold Parts

Has anyone been able to contact Andrew recently? I have not been able to contact him in a really long time. I am worried if he is doing fine.
Thanks so much for your reply. I am so relieved to know he is okay. I guess he has changed his email and phone numbers.
Is he still in business?

If so, what are his contact details?

I've tried to contact him through his website with no luck.

Thank you.

I am new to the GT40 scene and also trying to track down some parts. I maintain a hand full modern and vintage racecars for private collection and just started some mechanical maintenance on GT40P/1085. It was recently with another shop and the owner felt it needed to looked over to make it a safe and reliable show/track car. I have found a few issues that need to be addressed and struggling to make any connections for parts or technical advise. Any help would be much appreciated.
The car is currently equipped with a Smiths fuel psi gage for a fuel injected car and I would like to have a low psi gage. The shop prior to me replaced the suspension bushings and heim joints but the threads on the rear upright clevis leave a little to be desired. I would like to swap the facet fuel pumps with SW. And the according to the last shop the original rear mag uprights failed crack check so they replaced them with new ones from Gleascoe I believe but the machining is about 1mm off so I am sourcing bearing shims to achieve the correct wheel bearing tolerance; but I would like to replace the rear axel stud while it is all apart. I am sure there will be more but those are my initial thoughts.
cant get the Gold Parts folks to respond to my emails for bits etc. Is there a trick to get them to make money off of me? Most folks are very happy to take my money for GT40 bits and pieces.....

Scott t