GT40 Graveyard!!!

If it's 1070, then Wren Sports look after it. Their garage is only 5 miles away from me in Shaftesbury, Dorset, UK. I'm hopefully taking P/1042 to them for some minor mods next week, so if it's available, I'll try and get some photos for you guys.. Regards, Andrew
P1070 was purchased by Fran Kress and sold on. I well remember when he bought it and in fact he just got off the phone with me relating the story of the purchase and resale! Suffice to say he made out well. He also told about his trailer needing a really good sweep out after hauling it home! I have one of the front Borranis from 1070 we are using for our Superformance GT40 Borrani option development.
Shine can last. I have a GTD front clip which got damaged and replaced in 1992 and has been sitting outside ever since and it is still shiny!

4 inch tubes? Wasn't that the tube size on a cobra?
Shine wont last 50 years, especially paint from that era. Seems too good to be true.
The wonderful GT40 from Ford in the 60's. Only 143 originals were ever made, and only 212 of those survive to this day..........

Bill Kearley

What did happen to # 1000 ? Heard it was still at Sebring, underground! I helped Bob McLean and the Fog Motors guys when I was a kid living at 19th and Willow st. Van. B.C.
I can confirm that the burnt chassis is 1070 as I currently run the car. The original tub is in the possession of the owner and will stay with the car if ever sold on. And yes, although the car was fairly comprehensively destroyed there are a couple of parts recovered that were reusable, despite the car sitting in this condition for 30 plus years. And contrary to popular myth, its not a Gelscoe chassis, but a Tennant. Currently being restored back to road car.


I think the Comstock car GT40P1000 was but together by FAV in the UK. It did arrive in one piece to the Sebring testing in late Feb or early March , and Comstock took delivery of the car after the test.

I found a picture of Innes Ireland , who was there testing the GT105, explaining a couple of pointers to (from the left ) McLean ,Eppie Wietzes and far-right Jean Ouellette.
Innnes Ireland et al.JPG