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Hello everyone, I have searched through many different sources of information on GT40's and have failed miserabley and was wondering if any of you very knowledgeable people out there know what type of horns were fitted to the original GT40's (single or twin trumpet type) and who manufactured them in the 1960's, also the correct fitting location under the front clip.
Thank you.
Here you go.

MIXO - Model TR80

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Thank you for your reply Jimmy, that's excellent. I am adding extra details to my Superformance GT40 over time and always very interested in details of the original 1960's GT40's just to learn more about them also. As Neil has mentioned I am surprised that 6V is written on the box. I am now interested in finding out if equivalents of these are still available. Thanks again.

Brian Stewart
I have used MKII Ford Zephyr, which I think are vaguely similar as well.
Thank you for your reply Brian, that's an interesting suggestion and a good option for me to take a look at. I never even considered looking at other 1960's Ford horns until yourself and Devin suggested these options.
If you're not too bothered about having the exact horns on your car, there are loads of black Mixo horns on fleabay and they don't cost much. Lucas also made similar horns in red and black.


Hello Graham,

I was initially looking at as close to original as possible but I realise now that it's very unlikely that I will obtain those. I have located plenty of Mixo TR99's and 89's but no 80's though, as you say on fleabay. I am currently looking at Brian's suggestion of the Ford Zephyr horns. I do like your idea of Lucas though as there where many Lucas parts fitted to the original GT40's as far as I am aware. I will take a look at Lucas horns, so thank you for your suggestion.




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I have just been told that you have a Superformance car in Gulf livery.
Suggest that you have a look at a Mixo TR89 painted cream if you want it to look period on a Gulf car.
There are similar cream painted TR89s on P/1076 and P/1049 restorations.


One visible on the front scuttle on P/1076

1076 Front.jpg
Yes I do have a Superformance in Gulf Livery Jimmy and you have just provided the answer to what I require and I appreciate you taking the time to provide these photos, excellent and thank you. Also a big thank you to everyone else who has contributed to my question on this subject.

If you patiently follow this video and stop it at the right moment you will find where the horn is placed in this particular MK II (hint: ignore the discussion on cooling hoses):

Many more interesting details in this video ! My guess: only a single horn was used to save weight but meet requirements - surprised however that this one is in bright red ;-) Could not spot a horn on the MK IV...
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