GT40 kit for sale

Typically forum
Now wisely I, why I write with no one. First we criticizes. Without to know Polish quality.

Cliff Beer

Mirek may be right - comparatively speaking, that body kit being sold in Indiana isn't doing much for the US's build quality image....

Please accept my apologies it was more of a joke about the upper control arm. Most of us know about the quality of Polish workmanship, especially Kirkham Cobra bodies made in Poland. They are the envy of the replica car world.

Hi Howard
No problem. In the higher triangle handlebars, a joint still is missing. My brother only made this for photo. I give you right - this sees strangely. The GT40 becomes mine. I sell the framework and bodywork in order to buy parts new from the profit for my car.
In Poland, very many replies are built. My brother has built them/her/it for over 10 years. Was first the Super Seven, then Cobra, Ferrari and now GT40.
All parts are in good quality.
Excuse me my English - I uses a translator.
Hi Mirek,

Thanks buddy, good luck on the sale of your car. The body panels look nice, and for the price it should give a buyer a good jump on a build of a GT40. I would write this in Polish, but I can't find a translator for Polish.

Best wishes,