GT40 - Speed Channel Behind the headlights


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Just thought I'd share this for any who were not aware:

Speed channel
Behind the Headlights
Sat, Nov 4 at 1 AM Mark IV GT40
Sat, Nov 4 at 9 PM Mark IV GT40


Watched it last night... pretty good show, with a lot of vintage footage of the Red MKIV that won Lemans in '67... also had some pretty good interviews with the players from back then. Even a few minutes about the new Ford GT.
Needed more info on the MK I & II development programs, but overall, it was the best documentary I've seen on any GT40 stuff...

I'll give it two thumbs up.


Oh yea, I haven't posted over here in a while, here's a pic of me and my latest ride.

Ooops, too big, I'll try to resize it and post up later.
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A very interesting show, and one comment that I particulary remember is Carrol Shelby remarking tha " it was the most succesful race cars that almost never was" ....I for one am glad that it did. The only part I would have liked to see more on was the Gulf spec cars of JW Engineering...I think John Wyer called them the MK 1B..but by then Ford had proven their point, and as the show said "race on sunday and sell on monday".


Lifetime Supporter beleive it or not, I missed it.

You guys are bumming me out with the positive comments..... :)

Anyone tape/burn it?