Gt40 with 351w & 01X gearbox.

Hi all,
iv got a my 351w engine stripped and upgrading all internals.
Bought an audi 01x gearbox, could you tell me what clutch kit I will need?
Adaptor plate is 15mm thick I think?
Have other people done this build before?
Fly wheel I need dimensions please?

Help.... I need some light shedding on this matter, trying to get this part of the build done at low cost instead of paying ££££ for the bits and it all be done for me.
Find it a lot more satisfying doing the hard work myself


I'd recommend checking with Scott Dewitt at Advanced Automation ( ). Scott knows everything there is to know about audi transaxles and SBF, and will be able to advise.

The O1x looks to have the same bellhousing pattern as the old 016 but I'm not sure. Have you bought an adapter plate already?
The 01X is similar but not identical to the 016. Also has different input shaft and clutch. That transmission was used in the '04-'07 A4 so you can start there for a clutch. I usually use the SA242 from Spec. My adapter is 3/4 inch thick.
Sorry for the late reply so my adaptor plate is done to 15mm thick, which fits like a glove. Got my spigot mate and bearing but I need a flywheel to works.
Anybody got any drawings dxf?
Ben, in the end i just bit the bullet, blew the budget and ordered a flywheel, clutch, starter etc from gt racing. Only thing i didnt was the adaptor you made for me and spiggot adaptor