2022 Fund Drive

Ron Earp

Hi Folks,

It's 2022 and if you'd told me over twenty years ago that we'd still be an active and growing forum community I wouldn't have believed you. Pretty amazing. And it's also amazing that many of the same folks that were on the forum in 2000 are still active today.

Many of us have formed lasting friendships from members all over the globe. I know for sure that has enriched my life by introducing me to GT40 enthusiasts, many of whom I call friends and enjoy beers with whenever I get the chance.

This Fall is going to need to hire a new developer to update the software, apply patches, and add a bit of new plug in functionality that might make the forum a better place to hang out. And of course, that's going to cost a bit of money.

As you know, we're a member supported non-profit forum. If you like, enjoy the site and find utility, then think about supporting the forum if even for but one year. We certainly appreciate the contributions and they go to keeping the servers on and the bills paid.

Thanks much,

Brian Kissel

Staff member
Lifetime Supporter
Hello Clayton. On the top left corner, you will find the menu. Click on that and locate “Support GT40S”. Open that up and go all the way to the bottom, and it will tell you when your support expires, and explain the upgrades available.
Thank You!!!
Regards Brian

Chris Kouba

HI Ron , Tom from Palm Bay , Fl. here , how do I become a supporter and when do I get a notice for my next subscription ?

Click on the "Support GT40s" tab at the top of the page and it will step you through it, including auto-renewal.