GT90 from ground up

redid corners of number plate recess (top center one) smaller to allow deeper recess and better accomodation of plate light
rear infills now glued in place and corners filled
what a time consuming process this has been.
currently working on top of deck


With Fran's SLC and cars like this, the "kit" community will only gain momentum and respect... This is amazing work, and a brilliant choice of a car to re-create!
I take my hat off to you! Ive had wet dreams about this car since i first saw it, and all i can say is im so green with envy its not funny!
Keep thouse updates coming!
Am I the only person to notice the GT90 has no "windows". I noticed it a while ago but don't know if it's something that is noticeable.

How will wipers work with the curved screen also?

Bill Hara

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Take a look at post 99, you will notice what look to me like a hidden A pillar (there "has" to be one so that you can get in!) There does seem to be little photographic evidence of the car with doors open, so it would be good to see some just to be sure of where the shut lines actually are. Maybe Des could elaborate?

in the plan view of this pic the "shut line" follows the heavy line from front of door opening up,over and curves around just like the 40 does only all glass on outside
no like the 40 the windows don't open, a/c or a good air flow is a definite requirement

wipers will be flexible/sprung as for most curved screens
ford conveniently left them out of the concept



Check out the Line on the front "A" pillar. That is where the door opens and that line follows to the top where it makes a curve back to the back of the door. If that makes sense.

Hi there.

Of course I know how the doors open, my gallery has a picture of the door open.

Ford GT90 Picture Collection

I was pointing out that there are no conventional roll-up/roll-down windows seeing as the glass acts as the roof as well. There does not appear to be a flap or anything either.

Des, I take it the wipers are another challenge further down the road. Can't wait to see stuff like lights :D.
don't expect to need the wipers much with slope of the screen, but yes legal necessity.

some more progress
rear wheel arches built up depth wise and curve finished prior to edge being radiused and infill being added.
tail lights were placed in holes and puttied over for contour
one has been shaped and cut out, other almost finished and ready to be cut out.
engine bay sides straightened up
front tops of guards have been fitted to arch
front lower edges are yet to be matched to arch or "triangles" and lower edge to sill yet to be matched
lines on top are starting to straighten up nicely


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