GT90 from ground up

Hi All
This is a bit ahead of our scheduled release date but ......
We are building a replica GT90, and yes kits will be available subject to interest level.
Chassis is aluminium (no not space frame), engine at this point is Supercharged Ford Modular V8 with Porche G50/52 transaxle.
Of course if your funds permit there is nothing stopping you fitting the 2005GT motor and transaxle.
Current status is as per attached pics, skin is about to be added as soon as the doors are done.

For those that know him, the project is being overseen by Denis Bedford.

Regards Des


Me too
I think Ford should have produced the GT90 instead of the 2005GT.
I'll add some more pics as we go, maybe some older ones if there is interest.
Des, That looks like a ton of work. You must be an aircraft builder. What are you going to skin it over with?
The aircraft builders will be cringing, no I am not one.
Skin will be mesh and GRP
Some more progress pics, doors are coming along nicely. pics will follow in due course.
The stacking up to the right is my Opera browser it autoloads the attachments, so ignore the question.


Fantastic work, Des. Please tell me it was done with CNC and not a jigsaw!

I too would like to see as many build photos as you care to show us.
-Please tell me it was done with CNC and not a jigsaw
I could do that, but try a bandsaw, jigsaw and matching on a linisher.
-Where did you get your drawings
Hard work.....some smoke and mirrors, more hard work.

Anyway some more for you
Leaving rear and moving onto front end.


Starting on base of nose section, main air intake and stations (ribs) added for upper surface of guards, nostrils and bonnet (hood or radiator cover)
Door pillars and windsscreen front edge added as well
More to come.

Richard, do you run into Richard Martin-Beck at all?
Where in Sandgroper territory are you based, I grew up in Bullsbrook near the RAAF base.


Hey Des
Nice work. I know Richard Martin Beck he has very nice white DRB.
He told me someone was building something special and now I know who.:D
Hey Des

Love your work. Lov ur construction methods. Have been weighing up doing a ground up build myself but fallen short on the technical side of things. Thanks for the pics and motivatiion
Thanks guys
Dave I know Richard from ClubGT40, he has been true to his word and kept the lid on this for a while now.
He is a crackup with the jokes he sends.

Snowy glad to be of assistance, amazing how far a dozen or so sheets of mdf will go.
Scary bit now is I can see the light at the end of the tunnel with the wood work.
What are you looking to build or is it too early to talk?
Nothing def yet, have a couple of ideas i would be keen to develop but need to brush up on my technical know how. :confused: Its good to see someone doing a ground up build. Keep up the good work and pics. How long have you been working on this current project? Is this your full time hobby or is it a weekend thing?
Started in Aug 2005 with pics, models and rough ideas
first cut wood in Dec 2005.
It's a full time obsession, at least as far as work and council noise laws will permit.
Weekends and wherever possible most afternoons.
Hmmmm....great idea. I always like the GT90. Instead of the Mod V8, any chance of fitting something like the original 6.0L V12. Heck...all you have to do is find a junked Aston-Martin DB9, Vanquish, or late 90's Jag XK. Or somehow weld two Duratec V6's together.