GT90 from ground up

Apparantly the GT90 is at this years Goodwood Festival of Speed in England, running the next 3 days. So if anyone here is going to that please get me shots (if it is there that is).
some pics finally
fine tuned door closing positions and working on blending rear guards to arch to triangles and sills
slow going during this stage chasing line flow from rear guards through doors to front

you still have a fair bit to go yourself, should be a looker when finished.



Still looking great Des, so keep it up.

EDIT: The only image of the GT90 at GoodWood I've found so far:

EDIT AGAIN: Found two hi res shots on the Auto Trader blog:

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Ryan you beat me to it lol, nice pictures. Des, looking great as always. I think i'll have to fly out to Australia from Florida when your done to see in person :drunk:. Actually I probably couldn't afford the trip :cry:.

Saved and found loads of GT90 pictures, will all be on my site soon enough!

This one I had to post early though, I had no idea about this...

Seems the guys involved in the project signed a plaque which is just underneath the exhaust cluster on the rear. I always wondered what that little wierd sticker was on my Maisto model there, thought it was just a bad sticker.
yes everythings still fine
work has meant a trip away for most of last week
how many pics of the same white panels can you bear.
some pics soon
Hi Des,

I've been following your build from the beginning, and have to say that that it has been great to watch your progress, and i'm really looking forward to your finished prototype in the future.

Keep the pictures coming......:)
Yes some pics
It seems many many hours go in and no visible change comes out and then it just looks right.....
thanks for putting up with me
sides of rear guards, arches and triangles are finally playing nice and are all on the same plane.
lines are now close to final
I have started on doors and front guards to continue the lines through to front arch.
door to guard edges and gaps coming along as well in process.


Hi there, it is so wonderful to see stuff like these. Please tell me, did you make use of the corvette c5 front a arms. We need the sizes of the pivot points from x and y lines. if it will be possable, thanks. JVB
Fantastic work there! When you work out the parting lines for the mold try to get them in an easily post finished location. Really an awsome job you've done. I did a Maserati A6G-CS body using the same method. Took me the better part of a year working alone.
sorry, I did not use the C5 front I am using late C4.
Maybe give a corvette forum a go for the info

yes it sure is, once this pass is done I still need to go over all panels one more time then the top coat.

one year must have been nice, I am approaching three now with this one.

some pics
doors are almost done and front guards are coming along
lines to front park lights are on track (at least to where they will be)
redid the left fuel filler panel to better fit door edge/surface
(staples are just till glue dries and then it will be puttied in)


Des, in the close up picture you can see all of the different angles that you have created from wood, I am glad that you have chosen this project because of your amazing attention to detail and dedication. I am just as hooked on this project as I was when I first seen it. Great job Des. :)
Hi Des,

Awesome Job! The surfacing material you refer to as "putty" - exactly what is it? I can't really tell from the photos; however, I'm thinking it's a drywall compound or is it a fiberglass body filler like "Bondo"?

Keep up the wonderful work. You're truly an inspiration to me. Most particularly since you were able to generate all of those station templates without the use of a computer!

Hi Sorry I've been "off forum" for a bit, had some stuff to deal with.

not much visibly different happening, removing ripples, smoothing curves and defining edges and lines
currently reworking the septum
I will try and get some pics up tomorrow
work is taking me interstate for a week from Friday

wondered when someone would ask
it's a blend Denis gave me details of, I will check with him to see if it's ok to release it
I am also interested in the formulation of your "putty". I have used drywall compound before and sprayed with a product called "Kilz" which is a house paint sealer. You can use a polyester filler primer such as "featherfill or a 2K or epoxy primer over it with no problems. Even a Bondo touch up here and there if you sand carefully.
Keep up the excellent work, it inspires others!

Jack Molleur
des my god man, you have to be the greatest car guy out there .american or not!!!!!! now if only there was a way to cut the cost up... ive heard rumors of around $100K(US), i would like to see if you would sell a copy of the mold to me feel free to email me @ [email protected]
Found some new pics of the GT90 at '08 Goodwood. In this picture I noticed acouple of things. The black duct tape on the window seem, looks like it might have rained and I wonder if the car's windows ever sealed. Also noticed a elongated triangular shaped duct right behind the door, possible brake ducts? anyhow heres the pic.
Des, if you need anymore reference pics I have quite a few more, acouple of the gas filling area too.