GT90 from ground up

I was joking about the v6 contour motor. lol. But If you look carefully in some of the Goodwood photos you can see the same thing. And here is the GT90 at some type of SVT car show, and you can see that the side decals are taken off. This must be a photograph within only a few years back. You can see the tall neck of the radiator alittle better in the 2nd photo. Still not suprising to me that the engine would be removed and replaced with more than likely a 4.6liter mustang GT v8. And the 1996 Mustang GT 4.6l only made conservative 215hp. The naturally aspirated V12 was later used in the Aston Martin V12 Vanquish. Anyhow heres the depressing photo's.....:(



Hey Joe I have just come across this snippet re: the Ford V12 vs Aston Martin V12:

Wikipedia quote:

The V12 developed by Ford for the Ford GT90, although it shares a common displacement, was developed from the Modular line of engines and does not share any components with the Aston Martin V12.

More info on this via the clickable links in blue.... :)

I thought that I had read somewhere that the V12 Aston Martin engine was based on the GT90 and was further developed for the into Vanquish motor.
Wikipedia is not a canonical source of information, but it makes sense that those engines are diferent. However, the only V12 engine I can think of that would suit that car is the AM V12... Sure, you can have it with a Beemer or Merc V12, but that grunty AM V12 just seems more "apropriate" somehow...
I composed the very first draft of that Wikipedia article, I had an arguement with the moderators for a bit on the images I could use. The only remaining image is no different to the others i uploaded in terms of copyright status, so I don't know why Wikipedia guys felt it was okay to leave that one...

You had me going Joe...doh!

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This is just my opinion, but I'd like to see this thread returned back to Des for his build. I love the GT90 and everything to do with it, but there is enough with what you guys are talking about to populate a different thread on all things GT90 without taking away from Des' build thread.
I would be visiting your thread and this one too, but at least I'd know that when I see this thread come up it is because Des has posted an update or someone is pleading with Des to provide an update (Please Des!).

Just my 0.02, please don't take offence.

Really fine work. Thank you for the opportunity to follow along with your project. A big 'WELL DONE'! Keep up the fantastic work.
Wow - Just found this thread.

What a fantastic project, I am looking forward to following this over the next few months/ years.
apologies for delay, been dealing with some personal "stuff" and work has been a bitch.

anyway real stuff
septum temporarily puttied into front guards to set up surface "flow" from one to the other
this will be cut free again and edges finished once I am happy with shape

yes there will be a l/h drive version of the kit as well, appropriate moulds etc will be made

If I have missed any questions bear with me and I will try to answer them, if I miss/ed yours please ask again


Hi Des.

I have not been involved in the GT90 community at all recently.

The website is under threat seeing as I bought a Mac and the site was made on Serif Webplus. I had to wipe my old PC, but do have all of the Serif Webplus stuff on a flash drive.

Anyway, can we see much more happening soon Des or are developments still unfortunately slow.
Ah replies are coming through again by email
I missed most of the past ones for some reason
FWIW a mac can run as a PC, if memory serves, so that should assist you there. (or even try vmware)

The stuff has abated and "90" work is now finally back on track, missed the marzipan smell of the putty
septum has been cut free again and currently working on front guards and will post some pics once there's something to see

Glen don't feel bad college (or our equiv) had nothing to do with the project
Septum cut free and guard edges re-contoured where septum meets them.
Edges of septum still need to be finished to suit.

Windscreen support is next in line, it will be raised at rear to allow glass bottom edge to flow from door to front curve
once done it will be contoured overall and guards matched to it

putty is gelcoat with "air-cell" blended in until it is about toothpaste like in texture
(air-cell is basically bloody small air filled glass bubbles)


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Talking about the front windscreen, Any ideas about front wipers? or maybe just one front wiper kinda like a GT1 car.

Windscreen support top face raised and reshaped and angle changed as it approaches rear to better match envisaged screen angle
This will give continuity from screen to doors
At front it is approx 25 deg from horizontal at rear/sides it is approx 45 deg.
Matching curves in rear top of guards starting to take shape still need to add return underneath for screwdown/attachment to windscreen support mounting plate

Currently adding a lip to inside of windscreen support so it can attach to aluminium plate.
Also need to add a step on inside face to support the dash panel

wiper wise I need to comply with swept area requirements for rego so most likely it will be 2 wipers