GT90 from ground up

keep it as a personal opinion:

reading again what Fran told in the posts about his meeting with the real gt90 in Detroit..I think now YOUR car will be a LOT nicer and better than the real thing.

Post pictures...we love it!
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Richard if you need help with the 3d modeling I can get you in touch with some folks. If I were so far away I might even be able to carve your foam for you. I'm currently carving a full body, not a 40, but an new....well, semi-original design. I can't show photos of it but one the customer decides to go public then I'll be able to show some.

After doing this full carve, I kinda want to do one like Des is doing, just for the hands on feel of everything. What would be neat would be to use the mesh system to build enough bulk to machine with a cnc to final shape.


ps I remembered another job I had done. This is done in slices rather than blocks. Removable hardtop for f360


Thanks very much for the offer Mike. The entire bodyshell has already been done by hand, and the remaining bits I might model for carving are pretty simple 3D shapes which I should be ok with in AutoCAD. If not, there are engineering firms over here that can do as much or as little towards producing a part as I am prepared to pay for, so there should be no problems.
Some more progress finally
rear section fully meshed
Reversing light recesses in place
"Tail lights" meshed over to provide surface contour for real lights (yet another project)
and a pic with them removed

Trevor, I agree the foam is acccurate but it was not deemed suitable for how I am running. My 3D CAD skills are not the greatest either, I like being able to run my hands over it and sit in it full size.
Thanks for the kind words.


Des so you will actually sculpt the cockpit during this process as well? Will you install the intended seats etc for that real feel before you final everything up. Your last comment is why I told Richard in my response to him is why I think I want to try one like this one day. At least I have the cnc machine for cutting whatever ribs and runners I need.

I appreciate you putting this up on the web like this. Not only is it interesting but it is quite educational as well.

Richard I hope things finish well with your project. Can you give a link so I can go see it. I don't spend a lot of time here and am not sure if I have seen your projet or not.

If memory serves the 3UZ is just the current version of the 1UZ albeit with variable valve timing and most likely lower emissions. Not sure what the landcruiser has underbonnet. The 1UZ is also outside the 5yr rego window.

Interior will be "constructed" to allow any mouldings etc to be made. My seats will be based on the mockup which is actually really, really comfortable even without padding.
Fine tuning has started, in that the seat and steering wheel are being moved inboard slightly, the firewall is also on the move again. Pedals will most likely dictate even more tweaks.
I am 6'1" and long in the body and short in the legs so height from seat to roof/glass is a premium concern. This leaves aftermarkets out of the question for me. A smaller person should be able to go with say SAS/Recaro etc
Hi Des

I'm not sure about the current ADRs and seats, but the Westfield seats are very low / thin, and would be ADRd if seats have to be. They might be easier than building your own seats, depending on how far down that path you've gone. I don't know if you can get a set without that logo!
Des, Are you going to be constructing your own chassis as well? or is there someone you have ties with that your body would fit onto their chassis. Forgive me if this has been covered in a previous thread or i'm asking a question that i should mind my own business on
I suppose I am playing devils advocate and building for the worst case. If ready built seats that fit are to hand then they can be used.
Yep, yet another of the projects, custom aluminium "monocoque" style.
I will be using readily available commercial A-arms and uprights though.
What sort of timeframe are you . . well hoping for completion? . .i'd imagine with a few hicups it will blow out . .can't wait to see it in the flesh. . .probably not as much as you though!!!. .how long have you been going for so far?
Looking at 18-24mths from here on, if Murphy will leave me alone.
Time blowouts are common and work has a nasty tendency to interfere.
Since Aug 05 see #17 on page1
looking fwd to the skinned version now the mesh has given it definition.

Trevor Booth

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You can manufacture your own seats and if built into the chassis/body they require no testing for ADR.


This is the link to ADR's click on "australian design rules" in the left hand window it will take you to the site with all ADRs. 3/03 is for seats.
Thanks for the link, yes I thought that was the case.
Still a while away for that yet.

anyway some pics
made a model of the exhaust "ceramic" insert and the opening in the rear deck has been roughed to accomodate it with clearance.
simplified the front face of the rear guards where they meet the window frame they now join on red line instead of the zig zag originally intended.
currently doing battle with fuel filler panel and arch


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WOW! How have I missed this thread in the past? This is an incredible project and I am really in awe of the work that has been done. I first saw the GT90 when I found a model of it in Sam's warehouse (of all places). I bought the model and it has been in the back of my mind to try and do a recreation of it. When this car is done I would definitely be interested in body panels.
Thanks for morale boost.
I started building a 40 and discovered the 90 whist doing research.
I fell in love/lust/obsession with it, sold my 40 and here we are.
I will add you to the list if that's ok.

Nothing so "exotic" just MDF and a quick mist of black enamel so it stands out against the rest. The real item has proven challenging but is now in the mill and will be prototyped in due course.
Sorry off topic. Des - Trevor, I can't see the part in the ADR referring to:

" You can manufacture your own seats and if built into the chassis/body they require no testing for ADR."

Was thinking of going this route with seats myself.

I can totally see why you'd go for the GT90, it's a shame Ford never finished the project off themselves.

Looks a great project, are you going to use the C4 uprights like in the earlier posts. What uprights / arms on the rear?
Put me on the list as well.