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I am currently building a GTD40 and looking for parts here in the States before I order from overseas. Need a windshield, exhaust, air conditioning system, and bellhousing/clutch/flywheel/adapter, for Renault R30 to Ford 302. Just want to check and see if anyone might have this sitting around or if they are available from dealers or builders here. Thanks and by the way, great site, nice to know I,m not the only one out here.

I would check with Andrew Sheldon of Tornado
in the UK for the Renault bellhousing. From
what I hear, it's a nice 1 piece unit, not
a series of plates/adapters. The Renault
set up is standard for Tornado.


Ron Earp

I'd get in touch with Bob Lacey with CAV GT40s. They are GTD cars and they might be able to provide you with info.


Andy Sheldon

Tornado Sports Cars
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Hello Gordy

We have all the parts you need for your GTD40 available direct from Tornado Sports Cars. Drop me a line for further details and pricing on specific items.


Hi Gordy, I have the adaptor plate, and steel
Billet flywheel and AP RAcing Clutch to mate Ford 302-Renault. If you have a v6 gearbox then it will all fit directly on. You may have to rebalance the flywheel depending on whow old or spec your engine is. I used to work for GTD and have had my own GT40 parts business for 8 years. I have many other parts for these cars, and upgrades, etc. i have two complete cars for sale, contact me if you require details. Mark Sibley