Gulf Livery color question


RCR GT 40 Gulf Livery 347 Eight Stack injection
I've changed my mind. I'm painting my GT 40 Gulf Livery colors. I like the number 6 car.

My question is how wide is the stripe across the top?

I made my "Gulf Numero 6" with 10 " wide for the orange stripe , including 10 mm wide for the 2 marine blue stripes on each side of the orange...

No sure it is the exact genuine spec, but close to ...



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Rick Muck- Mark IV

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Gulf likes to charge for that info, My future 1075 will cost more because of Gulf trade marks.

Not true. The Gulf livery does not require a license form Gulf. Now "Gulf" decals are a different issue but Gulf has not trademarked the livery.

CAV did do a license at one point to call it "Gulf" but Ford and Superformance just call it "Heritage" and avoid any complications.