Gurston Down Hill Climb School

Is anyone interested in doing this on 26th July?

I have checked and they have a number of places left, but they are booking fast, so although there will be an article in the next issue of Fortyfication about this that may be too late so I'm asking now so we can secure places in people are interested.

The cost is £150 for the day. This includes breakfast and lunch, a full briefing and instruction, about 8 runs up the hill and a debrief after each run. I have done it before and can vouch for it being great fun.

Have a look at their website,
and let me know if you are interested or want more details.
Hi Chris -

Great hill - we are competing there on the 19th June - but as Chris says, the tuition days they offer are exceptional value for money and you'll get two signatures on your B licence should you be looking to aquire an A licence. Probably quite important at the moment as moves are afoot to prevent you competing on slicks in anything over 2.0L without some preliminary experience first.

Myself, Dave Parker (R42), Derek Bell (T70) and 'Martin Hacon / Mo McNicoll' I believe too have all been through this course - great fun - great value...great day... /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif