H Craft GT-R

Doesn't cutting a big-ass hole in the front chassis weaken it significantly?
I wouldn't have done it if i thought it would harm the chassis, Keeping the opening cuts well away from the corners will not affect the integrity of the tub, then welding a second bulkhead panel across the inside of the tub probably results in a stiffer tub than before.
Mounting the fenders to the A pillars

I bonded then glazed over these aluminum brackets, with riv-nuts in the A pillar plate and slightly oversize holes in the fender plates it gives great control over alignment.

It is hard to put in to words how blown away I am. WOW! Great job customizing this awesome car. I would like to be on the list of the tail lights. Can't wait to see what you do next.
Okay after a week away with this beast its back on to the GT build

First order of the week was to finish up the quarter panels and rockers that I had separated from one another in order to tighten up the shuts. Then onto making the engine cover hinge.
Milled up a Billet plate to bond to the under side of the engine cover and fabled up sone 3/16th plate and welded that to the rear frame for the the rest of the hinge.
Ill have to re mount the tail and trim a large amount of off the engine cover return but ill make it work.
I bonded in some blocks to accept the latches yesterday then drilled of and mounted the latches and safety's today, really pleased with the results today.

The whole project doesn't look like its to bad to do for any one willing to take it on especially if you were to use the aero latches on the front edge, basic fabrication and welding skills would get it done. Now just to re mount the tail.
I managed to get an OEM rear window into the engine cover today also, I was quite surprised to find out that it didn't fit into the aperture, especially as the said window came out of the same tail that these moulds were derived from, only an 1/8 of an inch had to be trimmed all around to get it to drop in but enough to be a pain.