Half shaft adaption

Hi Everybody

I hope Iam posting in the correct section. I have an Audi 012 gearbox which is being used as my transaxle and hoping to use the audi half shafts as well. I am using a Corvette's C5 rear suspension and uprights. I need to adapt the half shafts to fit into the corvette upright or hub assembly. Can anyone recommend somewhere that can do this in Melbourne?

Thanks heaps


Best you take your self to a drive line specialist like Hardy Spicer or the like and have a deep and meaningful discussion with them

I suggest using the Audi CV at the trans end and the C5 CV at the wheel end and get an axle made to suit the length required and CV splines of each

Maybe possible to recut a CV spline on the C5 shaft to suit the Audi CV or visaversa
Albins in Ballarat can do the shafts, for instance -- as long as you're not hampered by budget :)