Hello from Auckland, NZ

Hi team,

Just joined up. Not currently a GT40 owner but looking to remedy that sometime in the future. I live in Auckland, NZ so anyone one here who as project or car in the shed love to catchup sometime.

I have been a Datsun 240z fan for 27 years or so when I purchased my first sports car - a Datsun 260z 2 seater (still have this car today). I have raced Datsun 240z, build a few Datsuns and currently also have a Classic Mini that I am repowering with a Yamaha R1 engine - this is my track car.

I have always love the GT40 and the McLaren M6GT. So before I get to old now is the time to build the dream - either one of these 2 cars would be ideal however no one seem to make the McLaren M6GT anymore + the GT40 mk1 just looks...well you all know.

I am just in the early states of dream aka researching suppliers, NZ, AU and UK - currently thinking TSC Super Pro package as the most complete setup and a company that has been around 35+ years. I first need to spend some time in the shed and finish my Datsun project and Mini then move those for the space in the shed and the $$ for the dream.

Anybody of the kiwi crew know what happened to the Bob Needham (RIP) Tornado that was listed for sale on here back in 2004? Is it still in NZ? Does anyone know what its rego was? It was first registered in 1999 based on the old Ad.

I would love to know/see one of TSC GT40 that are here in NZ. I know the Gulf promo car is a TSC (was Buick powered Tornado build in the UK bit now 302 and ZF), this gulf car is not road legal, I do plan to see that when I visit the South Island sometime.
Started to collect some parts for the future build.

Currently have sourced
1 x Renault un1-003 from a 25GTX and also tracked down another here in NZ if I want a spare.
2 x Simca 1000 tail lights. These are on their way from France to me here in NZ

I believe I might have some new owners for 2 of my other classic cars to fund the purchase of a kit...time will tell.

Anyway here are some pictures. Once I get a kit I will start build thread


Thanks Terry I remember your car from Hybridz. I have not visited that site in years since I sold my full caged S30z and got a 1970 Classic Mini as my track car...was sticking a Yamaha R1 engine that but I think I have found a new home for that whole car/project to help fund the GT40.

I still have my flared s30z still waiting for me to assemble....


Although not listed, I believe Chris Arden (sp?) may still offer a M6BGT. Might be worth checking.

PS Terry, that Datsun is the coolest looking Z I have ever seen.


Thank you for the photos, Russell. Beautiful work. I was on Bob Peckham's Can-Am crew in '72 7 '73, he drove an M8C in that series. Those two years were the heyday of Can-Am racing as far as I'm concerned.

The fins on top of each front fender directed the air flow over the top of the fenders and helped increase the air flow over the wing. I pounded those out of aluminum with a hammer on the concrete floor of the paddock at Riverside. Others copied them and they became "standard" body additions.