Hello from St. Louis, MO

Hi Folks - Mark from St. Louis here.

I sold my Superformance MKIII a few weeks ago and really miss it. I owned it for 7 years (from new), put 25,000 miles on it, several track weekends, and really got the race bug thanks to Dean Lampe. BTW - I miss talking to you Dean - if you're reading this here. Give me a call sometime Bud.

Anyway, I'm the President of the Gateway Cobra Club, and I'm pretty sure they'll let me stay in the club when I tell the that I really want ..... A GT40 !

It will be a while before I'm able to step up for a purchase, but I'll be lurking around as long as you'll have me.
Welcome Mark,

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one in St. Louis with GT40 "dreams". I'm planning a build, but still gathering parts at this point. I just hope I'm able to finish it while I can still enjoy it:)

Joe in St. Louis
Welcome, Mark! Good to see you here! I'm a little ahead of you in the transition from Cobras. A customer just picked up my ERA Cobra last week, but I went ahead and ordered a CAV GT last Nov. Looks like it will arrive in the USA in late May. Happy hunting!

I'm in south county. My family and I will be spending the day at the Easter show in Forest Park today. But I'll email you when I get a chance.

Joe - enjoy the show. It's a good one.
Sam - wow there you are. Glad to hear from you. I don't know anything about CAV. I'll start learning. Will it (and you) be at Hallett at some point?

Mark, I am sure I will need to wring it out at Hallett at the earliest opportunity. Dean is working on a secret project that he wants to show off, so I'm looking forward to all of us getting together :)

Welcome aboard Mark!

I knew you sold your car but I didn't know you where interested in the GT40s. There is a lot of info here. Just jump in and meet the guys. I know you have a lot offer. Fran at RCR will let you build the car in stages. If you want to get started, you could give him a call. When I go to Detroit to get mine maybe you would like to ride along?

Sammy, I'm excited to see your car when it lands next month! I will concede that you will likely be running before me. I will keep you posted.



I am about 120 miles away from you in Southern Illinois. I have a RCR GT40 which runs like a scalded cat. Come by and visit sometime. The build is thoroughly documented on this site.

I too started with a Cobra, then the GT40. Don't ask what comes next.
You must be spying on me.
I have been reading your build thread for the last 6 hours.
Made it to page 13.
I have a ton of questions and would love to see your shop and your car.

Count me in.
I'll contact you soon.