Help on bearing assemblies

i realized the other day that my current chassis design allows me to use the exact same suspension geometry front and rear. everything can be the same apart from the wishbones due to the front wheels needing to be able to turn properly. what i figure, since i can use the same knuckles all around, is that i can have bearing assemblies on all four rather than spindles on the front wheels. the issues i've run into is that i know nothing about the splines on the audi driveshafts (particularly those from a first gen a8) and what hub/bearing assemblies they would be compatible with. the audi design seems to be incorporated into the knuckle itself, but i'm looking for a bolt-on assembly that could be compatible with audi driveshafts but could also be used with no driveshafts.

any ideas here? i'm really trying to get dimensions so i can model the hub and bearings and design a new knuckle to fit.