Hi From a new replica owner

Hi, I am a new member of this forum and the new owner of a unique GT40 replica. I recently bought a one of two built Fiero based replica's of a supposedly early Lola GT car pre Mk I car. The car I bought was the first built by V8Archie back in 2004 and was on the cover of an issue of Kit car builder in 2004. The car is in very good condition being it is a 17 year old build. If you are not familiar with this car Search "GT4T V8archie" and you will find a very funny older public access car show that tells all about the car and how it was built. You must see this show for a laugh, watch it and you will know what I mean. It could be called the Wayne's World of car shows.
I know my car is an odd ball but I love odd bastard type cars. I love to drive them and talk to all the people that ask about them. I look forward to being a member of this forum and maybe one day owning another GT40 replica after I learn more about what is out there. I like the RCR cars for the price. PS. I live the the Louisville Ky Area.


Ian Clark

Welcome aboard. That's a pretty good looking car you have there Jim. Looks nothing like the Fiero based GT40 kits I'm familiar with from back in the day. They had GT40(ish) front and rear clips on a stock Fiero cab and wheelbase.

The car in the picture appears to have a correct roof spider, doors, windshield, rear clip shape and an interesting pre 1966 nose with the twin nostrils incorporated into the front clip rather than a removable panel. Great find... live the dream:)
Yes there is very little of the Fiero left. I would estimate to car is 20% Fiero if that much. The engine cradle and the cockpit floor is all that is Fiero. The rest of the chassis is a custom made frame. From what I know I am the third owner and the last owner let the car sit for over 12 years. The car has less then 2500 miles on it. I will surely fix that. I plan to drive that many miles this summer alone. Thanks for the positive comment.


RCR GT 40 Gulf Livery 347 Eight Stack injection
Jim welcome to the forum

there are a lot of Cobra, Shelby, GT 40, Coupe gals and guys in your area.

They meet monthly.
I can hook you up with them if you like.
I would love that. I have been a member of the British sports car club of Louisville and the Cobra guys come to our yearly show but it's been awhile since I have attended. Please hook me up with the info. PS. I love the RCR cars Dwight.
Nice looking GT40 replica Jim. Not obvious that there's any Fiero in it. The photo you posted is one of the Ford prototypes chassis GT102. Even though Eric Broadley (Lola) was involves at the early stages I believe the prototypes were Ford, not Lola models. The only Lola predecessor was the smaller Mk 6 raced at Le Mans in 1963.

Terry Oxandale

Skinny Man
Welcome to the site Jim. Great looking conversion! I did not have any idea the V8Archie had the visual accuracy yours has.
Thanks Dave I would like to know more of this history. I am still learning about the car and the history of the guy who made the molds my car's body was cast from. I was told by V8Archie that the molds were taken from an original car that was one of the earliest of the program. I will try to find out more information as I can. I am currently going through the car to make it drivable again. It appears to have been sitting idle for 10 + years.
I was speaking to V8Archie and he told me the guy who made the body of my car made molds from a one of the original GT40 prototypes that at the time in the late 1990's was in a disassembled state . After some research my car may have have been molded off of GT104 which was in pcs. and waiting restoration as late as the early 2000's. I am going to dig further to find out for sure. I have attached pics of the restored GT104.


Ian Clark

Thanks for posting more pictures of your car. The engine bay and open front clip pics ad to the mystery (and history) of the car. I'm wondering if there's an early tube frame GT40 replica chassis under there with Fiero rear subframe and suspension grafted on? Very interesting...
Go to this to see a cheesy hour long public access tv show made 16 years ago. The show was about this exact car and towards the middle of the show they show another frame that is the same as used on my car. It is a custom built frame that has the Fiero engine cradle and lower center of the Fiero. The top was cut away and a custom roll cage was built to be the roof and windshield frame. The front and rear suspension was scrapped and replaced with A arms and adjustable coil overs on all 4 corners. I am working on lowering to rear to take up some of the space between the tire and wheel arch.
GT40 - Bing video
Here are some pics of the early stages of the frame used in my car. It has custom built coil over suspension in place of the stock suspension. It has brake rotors and calibers from a Camaro in the front and brake rotors and calipers from a Cadillac in the rear allowing for a cable operated parking brake.