Hi from Bishops Stortford, UK

Takis M.

We live in Bishops Stortford (UK). After a few months of researching and following all you guys on here I decided to splurge on my first kit car. I placed my deposit for a GT40 rolling chassis and other parts which i hope to receive before the end of the year and commence my build in earnest. My wish list is quite long and I will be using you guys to temper it into reality basis you experience. For which I thank you all in advance and only hope to one day be able to provide some useful feedback to you all.

Meantime I sourced a 1979 Ford 302 V8 and have since stripped it, dipped it in a chemical bath and the stroker 331cui parts for the assemby. Just waiting on the presure plate and flywheel to send the rotating assembly for balancing.

I have already met a forum member who very graciously invited me to his home to see his car and spent hours hosting me and providing the benefit of his build experiecne. To Martin I am grateful and hope to repay him one day.

I have recently also heard that there is a GT40 with Gulf livery knocking around Bishops Stortford.......if the owner is on here and willing I would greatly appreciate getting in touch. I still have loads of questions and would love the opportunity to see another completed build and chat with the builder/owner.

I can’t wait to get started......


Welcome to the forum and the mad world of GT40's!!

Its a great source of info and help that I do know!! What kit did you buy?

Randy V

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Welcome to GT40s.com !

Please feel free to start a build log in our Build Logs Forum so we can tag along.....

Takis M.

Thank you Randy V.
I will start a build log next week. Will have to be my engine at the moment because I don’t expect the chassis and other parts for another couple months.

Ian Anderson

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Oh MDA / Mark Sibley I thought he was just concentrating on parts like engine to gearbox adapters and UN1 Output flanges - but I learn something new.