Hi From California

I have been looking at gt40's for a few years now and finally am in a place where I can afford to build one. The question I have been asking myself is should I build a gt40 or get a manual 997.1 turbo. I have been looking for the 997 I want and have come up short several times which is really putting me off on those cars. I was hoping there are some other members in the bay area that have a gt40 or gtr and would be willing to meet up somewhere to hang out and chat about their experience building or buying their car.

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Welcome to GT40S Tim. I’m sure someone will chime in and be of help. Not familiar enough with Cali., to be able to tell you which members might be close to you. In the mean time, read through some of the incredible build threads. There’s a lot of talent on here.
Enjoy the forum.
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IMO the Porsche and GT40 are very different cars to own and drive, it may come down to your expectations and type of driving/use. The Porsche has all the creature comforts, the GT40 more visceral and raw. I am personally not a Porsche fan (although got part way there after driving a friends GT3RS 4.0 on track!), but fortunate to own a GT40 and a Pantera. I absolutely love the GT40, but I'd still jump in the Pantera first as a GT touring car.
Hi All,

thanks for the welcome! I know that these cars will not make a daily like the porsche however that wasnt what I was looking for. I come from a background of vintage japanese cars. I have built rx-3's and 240z's for the better part of a decade now. My most crazy z was a single turbo 5.3l ls Z making about 800hp crank. Im not really looking for that in this chassis, at least not yet.

My background is an IT engineer and do dev work on the side. After looking through the build threads I want to make a GT-R with all the modern amenities you get in a current car. I would like to see blind spot detection and a custom LCD gauge cluster just as a challenge for myself. I have really taken a liking for the larger car just because Im 6'1 and dont want to have to add a gurney bubble to get my helmet in the car when i take it to laguna seca or button willow.

I hope someone will chime in if they are local so we can meet up otherwise I might make the trip to Michigan and see the cars.
You need to make the trip to Michigan. You will learn a lot and it will motivate you. Meet with Fran and take lots of pictures. When I was looking I toured Superformace, RCR and Active Power. I was originally looking for a GT40. They all have their own nitch. In my opinion, if you are NOT planning on doing the work yourself Superformance is the way to go. If you want a well built rolling chassis that will require moderate to advanced abilities to complete RCR wins hands down. If you want to save money but have very good fabrication skills Active Power. I'm sure there are others that I know nothing about but I would buy a car from any of these companies. Just depends on your needs. Obviously if you are going GT-R then RCR takes the win. Just keep in mind it may be a long lead time, most likely longer than anyone tells you, so the sooner you place the order the better off you will be in the long run.
I would love to get a superformance car but they are not what Im looking for. I want to build the car myself and give it my own small touches everywhere. Otherwise I would go and just get a complete car at that point. I guess I will need to go to Michigan. I have been looking around and didnt realize how many gt40 kit cars there are. How is the quality for insanity racing labs? I just found them the other day?


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I am 6'1" and fit in a CAV comfortably with a helmet on, the ERA is more cramped. As others have said if you are looking for specific reference on the GT40 vs. GT-R then a trip to Michigan is warranted.