2012 Superlite SLC with 836 miles


2012 Superlite Coupe with only 836 miles on the odometer! Finished in a clean Pure White exterior gel coat with vinyl black/blue vinyl stripes. Black interior with a roof that has been customized to accommodate taller drivers with the added height of wearing a helmet. A unique and rare exotic car made even more so by the engine that powers it. Sitting at the rear is a specially designed Thomson Automotive Hurricane 442 (CI) which is a stroked version of a LS7 aluminum block with significant upper-rpm horsepower along with a ton of low-end torque. It has the Harrop Hurricane ITB intake and boosts an amazing dyno rating of 740 horsepower with 640 lb-ft torque which is around 46% more power than a stock LS7 produces! Impressive numbers from a naturally aspirated V8 especially for a car that weighs only 2400 lbs.! Paired with a Holley Dominator ECU for advanced access and control over virtually every aspect of the engine and transmission parameters. The Hurricane 442 engine is mated to a Ricardo 6-speed manual transaxle used in a gen 2 Ford GT. It has: Magnaflow exhaust mufflers that sound amazing, QA1 double adjustable race derived aluminum shocks with Eibach springs, Camaro SS Brembo brakes on the front and rear with electric locking e-brake sitting behind Forgestar performance wheels wrapped in Nitto Invo high performance tires measuring 275/35R18 in the front and 325/30R19 in the rear. It also has a working A/C, an in-dash display by Pyle for the back-up camera, lexan windows and windshield, a quick release steering wheel, Koso multifunction gauge display, Race Logic traction control system, Isis Power digital fuse/relay/wiring system, and a Patterson Dry Sump Oil system. I am an automotive engineer and purchased the car 2 years ago when it was about 90% finished. The car was put together by known SLC builder Allan Uzwiak who has built tons of these and has a great reputation. Since I have owned it I have tuned the engine for on road and track use. I installed: seats, harnesses, steering wheel, short shifter, removed the rear hydro lift to get more rear suspension travel (I left the front hydro lift system which had enough room to fit the longer springs), new longer eichback springs for more travel, rear carbon fiber vents, new battery, spark plugs, all fluids oil, coolant, slc brake fluid, hawk brake pads, I did the Ford GT transaxle bolt recall to the half shaft bolts, vinyl racing stripes, front & rear recording camera system with push button control, suede steering wheel w/quick disconnect, AFR display and 02 sensor, wheel liners, lots of heat shielding in engine bay, complete front and rear alignment including ride heights. I took it to Waterford race track in MI to prove out the vehicles track capabilities, I ran about 4-5 15 minute sessions to dial in brakes, temps, engine tuning, tire pressures, etc. I have video and vehicle sensor data from it. I have gone through the somewhat painful process of getting it street legal and registered in Michigan. I have spent 2 years working out all the bugs so this is a turn key car ready for the road or race track. Car is located in Pinckney MI. Asking $125,000 OBO.


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