How cut braided fuel hoses

I use the tape and dremmel cutting wheel but i only cut thru the braid with the cutting wheel then use a sharp knife to cut rubber hose so there is is no cutting debri in hose.
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Um, tape it, use a chop saw with an abrasive wheel, unwrap and TWIST the outer fitting on. The chop saw helps make a straight cut, it's fast, and safer than a dremel or die grinder. Just hold the hose with your hand. Don't clamp it. If the backstop doesn't go right to the edge of the blade, use a piece of steel to extend the backstop so the hose doesn't flex.

The biggest boogers I have found to be the small, -3,-4, teflon lines. Once you master those, the big neoprene lines are cake.
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Yes, -3 and -4 teflon and -4 regular are a pain. The larger lines are easier to work with and seem more tollerant of the 'bad' cut ;-)