How many Lola T70 are there in the world...?

How many did GTD deliver?

How many original Lola car is there?

By the way I bought a Lola T70 IIIB last week.
More pictures can be found on my homepage (look at signature) under Pictures.


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Hi Daniel

I can't answer your questions but that is a lovely looking T70 ... Congratulations!

Purchase a copy of John Starkey's book Lola T70.
It's available from most car book retailers.

Starkey shows (16) Mark IIIb coupe chassis # by Lola during
the original time frame...and another (6) by Lola later on.
Sbarro also built some Mark IIIb and issued his own chassis number.

Mark Sibley can tell you how many Lola's GTD shipped.
I'm curious myself...I'll bet it wasn't many !
Great lookin car !

Don't know if 26 is how many chassis numbers were issued...
or how many actual tubs were made...I would have guessed
Lola made more than (4) spare tubs...maybe not...

Thanks guys. You have been very helpful.

I'll ask Mark.

I know that there is 7 GTD Lola T70 in Sweden 6 on the road(I have one =) ) 1 on track.

GTD had an agent for Sweden, I don't know if GTD had any more agents in the world...

Is the number of Lola T70 IIIB originals and replicas closer to 50 or 100?


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I believe closer to 50 if you just include the Mark IIIb.
There are very few replica Mk IIIb in the USA.
I've never seen one, and have only heard about 5-10.

So unless GTD shipped a lot more Lolas than I think,
I'd guess there are no more than (30) replicas world wide
and another (30) original tubs (including Sbarro).

Thanks for the answer Mike.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but are you constructing the new RCR GT40 and RCR Lola T70...? Or is it Fran Hall who is doing all the work by himself...?

Do you have any slightest idea when you are going to start on the MkIV..?

I understand it will take some time to get the business started.

All the best.
Sorry if this is a daft question.
I notice in your second photo a pair of fans behind the engine, but not that I can see anywhere near a radiator. Are these to help get the heat outr from other the rear bodywork, or for some other reason ??

Looks very nice indeed. Do you mind if I ask what sort of money they are changing hands for ?


My GT40 is from GT40 Australia (DRB)...that's nearing completion. I purchased the Lola from Fran and I'm doing the work. It will be done next year. You can see some photos
under my thread RCR Lola in this section.

I think Fran plans on selling the MV IV kits very soon.

The radiator have the same location as the GT40 with fans , but you are right about the heat. They are supposed to get the heat out from the rear bodywork.

OK Mike, then I know the story.

Best reagards

Hi Joe!

GTD made the Lola T70 and now you have MDA and BPD that cooperates.
And now you have another one that builds the Lola, RCR

I hope you can get use of the links I posted.

Best regards


In the US, Marauder Cars (Randy Berry) made some space frame
replicas. Randy recently passed away, and no one seems to know how many he actually shipped. Mac McLendon in Florida
will make you an "authentic" monocoque Lola (spyder or coupe) if you have enough money ($$$). Not sure how many
he's shipped. He has quite a collection of original Lola cars/parts.

Do you have any more pictures of the car above (or T70's in general)...?

Any picture would be appreciated.

Best regards
Thank you very much!

I've seen the pictures before and I can't find words of how great job you have done it. And all the others that has helped you.

Do you have some pictures like the first one I posted or like the one you posted above. From a little distance.
Thanks again and congratulations on your newest toy =).

Best regards