How wide?


my T70 Mk3B is in a thousand pieces at moment with the central spider off the chassis, so can give you an exact measurement later.

Will go into workshop this morning and measure for you. As there is a steel tubular frame holding the shape of the spider it does enable pretty well spot on dimensions for you to work by.
Could someone please tell me. What is the width of a T70 IIIb at the door sills out side edge? Thanks

the tubular support tube I previously mentioned is inboard of the spiders outer edge so, depending on your spiders manufacturer, the measurement that you require is 72" (six feet) +/- .
Thanks guys. I knew I'd have to build some type of "tub" to make it work. Just wasn't sure how much of a difference there was between the Lotus & T70. The Lotus is narrower over all but the T70 has wide side "tanks". The sills being much wider on the T70. But that gives you more elbow room in the T70 than the Lotus (which can be rather claustrophobic)
Mike, the bodywork is not mounted direct onto the tank sills but to an extended lip that acts as the support flange mounted to the sill.
Thanks Graham I kind of figured something like that. The outside edges of the tub/tanks are rounded. But in pictures it's clear there must be some part of the body that covers those. I'd have to wait till I had a body to figure those kinds of details out. The wheel base & track seem to be compatible between the Lotus & T70. I've already fitted the chassis with 15" wheels replacing the 13" stock ones.