I'm new here

My name is Rob and I'm new here. I ordered an SLC kit about two years ago. I'm not at all worried about the lead time because I tore my quadriceps last year and I'm still on bed rest. So, I couldn't work on the car any time soon anyway. I've been spending time going through your build logs. They are all very helpful. My car will mostly be a track car with a full cage and no interior tub or panels. I plan to register it so I can take it out for a beer every once in a while. The engine is a Blue Print 376/530 with side exhaust. The transmission is a Graziano.

Brian Kissel

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Welcome to GT40S Rob. Sounds like you have a good plan. Good luck with your recovery.
Enjoy the forum !!!!
Regards Brian

Randy V

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Welcome to GT40’s Rob!
Sorry to hear of your injury. Best of luck as you recover and plan your build. Please start a Build Log and let us follow along!
I don't know. I won't be able to walk for at least another 2 months because of a torn quadriceps and strained iliotibial. So, I told them it's ok with me to move my car back in the queue.
I should add that the lead time is not RCR's fault. I first ordered an engine from Summit. After several months they canceled my order. Then I ordered an engine from BluePrint. They came through but it took a long time because of their back log. RCR received the engine in June 2023.
Good luck with your build and wish you a full recovery. Looking forward to pictures and details of your build.