FS EU Image BRM6 Centre Lock 17" Wheels & Tyres For Sale - Gulf Arch Specs...


For sale are my 17" Image BRM6 wheels with Michelin PS4 tyres, the specs are:

8x17 fronts ET0 with 245/35/17 Michelin PS4 tyres basically new (DOT 2018)
11 x 17 rears ET -45 with 335/35/17 Michelin PS4 tyres (DOT around 2015 I think... will need to check) there is still plenty of life in them

The wheels themselves are in excellent shape, the lips are polished with zero kerb rash, the faces are painted graphite grey, they were previously orange and there is remnants of some overspray on the inner barrels.

They are pukka centre locks with 5 drive peg holes to the rear.

I will add more photos when I've given them a proper clean and brush up

We all know what these cost new! I'm asking less than half £2000

I'm located near Evesham, thanks for looking

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Like a fool I noted they were 6 pin drive, they are actually 5 pin drive!!

Tornado & SouthernGT all provide adapters to suit.


These were previously fitted to a gulf arch'd CAV and my Tornado so the offsets and fitment work well cross other kits.