Importing bits from US

I’m looking at buying an Edelbrock pro-flo setup from the US, but I think the import charges/postage would be crippling. Has anyone else in the UK any experience of importing parts?
Hi Simon ....... at point of arrival you will have Import Duty, Vat and Handling Fees added. I'm not sure on the Commodity Code for car parts these days (probably somewhere between 4% - 10%) for the Duty. The VAT will obviously be 20% and the Handling Fee is typically around £30. Plus of course the carriage charge. Depending on method of shipment, most likely air freight, this will be circa £100 (depending on how it's packed and all-up weight).
Hope this helps you get a bit of a handle on the costs involved.
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If you buy through Ebay then the shipping and customs duty are shown in the listing if the seller uses Ebay Global shipping, which is very competitive. Some of the big US retailers list there - Jegs for instance.
Hi Simon
I have found the postal rates quite good for most things. I did bring a pair of heads in via an import/container company, slow but only about £140. You have to wait for them to fill a container but it works! All in all, when stuff gets here it seems to me to be a similar price to what you can buy from a UK retailer, maybe slightly cheaper. I have bought loads from Summit direct and it's worked fine. UPS is the best carrier (you can choose at checkout). I have found the Fedex service woefully slow, and once had a 'duty' error that they caused (incorrect computer entry) that was a right chore to sort. UPS take the duty payment on delivery. Much easier.