Insurance who !

For all you UK owners of GT40 's
What Insurance company do you use. ?
I have a few Different quotes that vary a lot
Any assistance appreciated

Ian Anderson

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They will also cover you car on track no extra premium but excess goes to 10% of agreed value

I just spoke to Heritage who told me that they don't have an appropriate scheme available at the moment for any GT40s valued over £30k.
I'm with Hagerty. 3K miles/Yr, Needed a Tracker fitted and its quite expensive but I struggled to find an insurer that did better given its a new car (62 plate) and valued at over £50K.

Hi Keith,

You may interested to know that when I purchased my GT40 last year that I asked around about insurance and also enquired from the previous owner regarding his insurance. He was with Adrian Flux and despite us being the same age and the same value being used, Flux quoted me twice as much. When I very strongly queried this they only offered a load of BS.

I used to have 7 vehicles insured with Footman James and over the last few years have taken all of them away from them. Since they were taken over they have jacked premiums substantially and to be frank don't give a hoot when you try and have a discussion with them.

All this finally led me to Classicline. They were real easy to talk to on the phone, simple to deal with and no BS. I was so impressed I have moved other vehicles to them and invited them to put a sign in my GT40 at the NEC Classic Motor Show. Two of their directors even went to the trouble to come and have a chat at the show!

Most definitely worth giving them a call. Look forward to seeing your finished car this year ...... will you go to Stoneleigh or Silverstone ?


Steve Dean
I was advised (tragically just after I'd renewed with FJ) that Peter James, the James of Footman James had started up afresh Peter James Insurance - The Way It Should Be! not tried them so no idea how good but probably worth trying if you've also had the same experience with Footman James since the takeover.

I certainly shall be moving from FJ after I got the "We don't insure imports" while trying to add a new bike to my policy, which would be ok but they used to and the new bike (which was only ever a gray import) was just a newer one to one already on the policy!
I have agreed value policies for £750k with Hagerty's, the premium being £2k per annum, which I consider a bargain and the guys know who you are and what you have got already insured as soon as you pick up the phone. Andrew