Interest in 360 Camera with 7" display as an SLC Group Purchase?


Hi all

My garage door is going to be pretty narrow so I am thinking of installing a 360 camera that would provide "always on" (if desired) capability that would enable me to see around the entire car. I also want the Rear View / Reverse functionality with the gridlines. These 360 systems are now starting to come standard on OEM vehicles. However, the aftermarket systems don't have much customizable attributes. The most desirable one is to actually have our SLC car pictured in the center. I am pretty persistent and did A LOT of research. I found a company here in the USA that makes there own software and are willing (at a cost of course) to modify their software to put our SLC into there software.

Here is the link to the system which costs $550 and comes with the 4 cameras, wires and 7" LCD display. Also below are a few screen shots of what you would see. (NOTE you will need to image the car being an SLC :cool: instead of the Grey SUV)

And a figure pictures of how the system works.





A few points on how it works:
  1. There are 4 cameras that are mounted (in the rear, under each side mirror, and on the front)
  2. During the install you calibrate the system so that the cameras mesh their images together and then you can have overhead, side, front or rear views looking back at your car AND/OR looking out from your car.
  3. Note Shown in the Pictures above - but there is also a Reverse system that activates that gives you all of the same rear view reverse functionality found in all vehicles today
  4. The system also has a 28 hour DVR that records for play back. This would be ideal for track days or if you encounter any issues from other vehicles while just driving around town.

Here are the 2 Issue. / Questions:
1. if we were to locate the front camera under the front nose clip? What would that maximum height be? As most of you know, Fran is building my car as a turnkey so I don't actually have a car to measure. I would need someone to tell me what the maximum height placement is? Apparently the company said this - "The installation height of 12 inches is close to the height of the calibration box, The calibration of the front camera may fail or succeed." Can we get it above the 12" mark?
2. Cost of changing the software to include the SLC? Per the Mfg - We can develop customer's 3D car model, The development cost is US$1650 and the development time is estimated to be 25 days, After the development is completed, we send a host containing the customer's vehicle model to the customer. If others are interested, I would like to split this cost as $1625 is a lot. The overall system is relatively inexpensive at $550 all things considered.

Thoughts? Would anyone be interested (assuming we can solve #1 above)?


Joel - that is a nice rear camera. I am planning to also get a rear view LDC mirror as well and will definitely be looking closely at that one you provided above

However, the 360 degree system is above and beyond the rear view mirror (for those who want the birds eye views looking down at your car to see 360 degrees around the vehicle).

I confirmed with the company that the rear camera would be the feed for the rear view mirror while also simultaneously being the source for the 360 degree system to provide the birds eye view looking down.

Here is a better YouTube video that expains how the 360 degree cameras work and how it integrates the 4 cameras pictures to provide the "bird's eye view":

Joel K

That is cool, will it require a dedicated display or can it use and share an android tablet. I’m planing on using a tablet to display auxiliary gauges off the ECU and control the radio and music as well.


Yes I confirmed that it can use a shared display. I am planning to have a LCD display as a center console to manage everything. This company confirmed that you can use any display you want as long as your screen as a universal RCA or HDMI input port that you can plug into


it is probably worth noting that I have having Tino from LCD Displays building my custom LCD Dash and center console displays. He has been very easy and accommodating and has been designing custom screens to my spec for each are of functionality that I am looking for. I am happy to share more if others are interested.


Hi all...I wanted to think Will aka @P-nut for the measurements. Which appear to be at ~10-11" off the pavement.

This likely puts a real damper on moving forward with that 360 camera. The company said they think the cameras needs to be 12" or higher or it may not be able to integrate the video feeds from the 4 cameras to give a stable 360 degree birds eye (looking down at the car) view. It is awesome technology but may not work our cars given how low they sit to the ground.

I am going to reach out to them again just to confirm