International Shipping...

Hi all -

Not exactly GT40 related but might be applicable and I am positive that some of you more knowledgeable persons on here will have the answers...

Ok - as a sideline to my normal work, I also modify motorcycle instruments, fitting them with Gear Position Indicators and different backlighting etc. I have been doing this for some years and have received consignments from all over the world.

Europe is generally no problem at all, but outside that I seem to run into all sorts of difficulties, especially with dealing with the USA or AUS / NZ....

Scenario is - someone wants some clocks modified / repaired. I quote them a price and they then arrange shipping to me by whatever courier/method they see fit. I clearly point out to them that they must ensure their paperwork indicates CLEARLY that the items are NOT FOR EXPORT but are in fact being sent for modification / repair and return within 14 days MAX. I know that if they get this wrong, then IMPORT TAX 'may' be levied and that will need paying before I even see the goods. IF they get charged it, I believe they can claim it back but it is clearly not a nice situation for either them or me..

Currently I have a set of Suzuki Hayabusa clocks on their way to me from Ohio. The owner has arranged for them to be delivered by Global Express to my home address and pointed out that they are for repair and return.
FedEx in the UK have contacted me to confirm that they are being sent for repair and not for import, which I confirmed, so now they tell me there is a 'handling charge' of £20 to be paid before I can receive them.

Now I will pay this charge, as I do not want to delay the works BUT where do I / the sender stand? Is this correct? are Global Express anything to do with FedEx? Why do Global Express not quote a price for a door-to-door service?

As I am sure some of you will have encountered this before, or are actively involved with the whole process of international shipments/transactions, some guidance or advice would be most appreciated.

Thanks all....... :)

Examples of the conversions, in case anyone was wondering...