Introduction from the South San Francisco Bay Area.

Hi folks. Michael Smith, here. (Michael W. Smith, but not THAT Michael W. Smith, the Christian Rocker™)

car guy, former tech QA guy, former musician. Newly retired and only recently Googled my way into finding the Superlite SL-C quite by accident. I am intrigued enough that I have contacted and chatted with Cam Thai--who is a good 470 miles away from me, and am looking to see if there's anyone with a car I can look at in person, in Northern California. I want to see it before I dive in. Hoping someone can help me out.

Car projects:
Current: 650hp ESS Supercharged E63 2008 BMW M6 and custom exhaust I built,
2004 E66 BMW 760Li with M5 brakes, custom exhaust I built, and M5 diff. The M6 is 3800 lbs and has a hp/weight ratio of 5.8 hp per lb. It's quick--for a street car.

The 760Li is quiet as a mouse at cruise, then bellows like a Ferrari at WOT.

Former: had a repair shop where I worked on 90 separate VINs of Z32 300zxs. The shop flagship car:
Did a 3.4L DOHC engine swap on a Fiero that was Ca. BAR certified. Then built equal length headers for it, re-aligned cams and welded up a short intake velocity stack and plenum, and gained 70 hp on the dyno, as an NA car.

Ron Earp

Welcome to the forum! I think you’ll find you are in the company of many folks here who enjoy lots of different projects like you do.