Is the Carbon Emissions /Global warming thing B.S.

I didn't read Pete's email as it's too long for my attention span.

Anyway everyone knows global warming has been caused by the decline in the number of Pirates over the last 200 years. What we need to do is move the pirates from the horn of Africa to the Caribean where they can do more good supressing hurricanes, tropical storms and the like.

Cliff, I think there's a problem with your statement, "everyone's entitled to their opinion". Opinion's apply to let's say "feelings' or 'beliefs' that can't be proved. Opinions have no place in Science, except maybe as a starting place for creating a theory or hypothesis.
Given that 'climate change' seems to be accelerating, logic might suggest that we have some part, however small, to play in it, BUT, if science shows that it's not CO2, shouldn't we be looking for the culprit instead of spending untold dollars on reducing a non-factor? The biggest argument against credibility is $$$$$$$. When they talk about taxes and carbon credits, someone is making a killing and has all the incentive in the world to propogate bullshit, which your average sheep eat up because it satisfies their craving for self flagellation and "hair shirts".
Look at the BS mythology against nuclear power. It's the best answer we currently have to reduce oil dependancy (AND reduce pollution), but the mantra is: Nukes are 'bad' and will 'kill you and your children with cancer', what do we do with the 'waste', God forbid another Chernoble etc...

Seems our real problem is the sequence that begins with some tree hugger theory that gains exposure (internet anymore), gets picked up by the media, and rapidly grows into a religion. Big money folks jump on the bandwagon, and off we go...unencumbered by the facts!

Do we want a clean planet? Absolutely. Should we spend whatever it takes to take care of the planet? Absolutely. Let's just allow the scientists (NOT the F%^$#ing politicians and Al Gores [who is a lot richer now than when he was VP]) to railroad us into oblivion!

Chris Duncan

The enviros made a big mistake emphasising global warming. I think they did it because it was a concept that was easy to grasp and thus easier to get everyone behind. There are many other problems more serious but not as readily apparent or "glamorous".

the big 3 that I see.

1. species die-off. we are in the middle of a massive animal species die-off. In the 4 BIL year life of the planet there have been 5 previous. The only difference now, this one is caused by man and the conditions conducive to recover are not as good.

2. the trash vortex. Most plastics do not biodegrade-ever, they break down but remain even at the molecular level. 20% of all plastics get into waterways and reach the ocean. Man has made plastics for 50 years, it's been collecting in the ocean all that time. In the North Pacific there is a weather phenomenon called a gyre. A persistent swirling high pressure weather system that causes doldrums and a large circular water pattern or vortex. The plastic collects there. It's as large as the continental United States. There's more plastic by weight than there is plankton.

An estimated 1 MIL water birds die annually due to plastic which fills their stomachs till they starve. Periodically swirls of garbage have been reaching shore, they innundate places like Hawaii with huge piles of washed up plastic garbage.



The world uses over 1.2 TRILLION plastic bags a year,that's over 1 million bags a minute. On average we use a plastic bag for 12 minutes before it's disposal, it can then last in the environment for centuries. The same thing is happening now with single serving water bottles.
BBC Hawaii | Message in the Waves | No More Plastic Bags

3. Bio engineered seeds. Monsanto is the leader of a diabolical science experiment. Seeds that produce seedless plants. They cross polinate on the crops/plants around them, producing more of the same. Who knows where this is going to end. Of course they didn't do much of a study before it was released to the public, who knows what's going to happen within 50 years. Right now 2/3 of the bees world wide are dying, no-one can figure out why but it may be connected. It's one thing to experiment with science, it's quite another to just release it on the world without knowing the consequence.
Kalun, I hear what you are saying. Unfortunately the only solutions that seem to have traction are aimed at taking our money and giving it to the government then us trusting them to do the right thing.

Mike Pass

I am told that methane is 13 times more effective as a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide and that the biggest source of methane is termites. Find something that eats termites.

I am told that cows don't fart methane they belch it. Indigestion tablets? genetically modified grass?

I am told that when the dinosaurs roamed the earth the carbon dioxide level was far higher than now and some 5 degrees hotter as well. The plants grew like mad and the dinosaurs got big as there was a lot to eat and then the carnivores got big as there was a lot of meat on the hoof. They ruled the earth for several hundred millions of years so coped quite well with the conditions which were way beyond what we currently have. They would still be the boss if various asteroids hadn't hit the earth and we were little things scuttering in the bushes. Watch out for birds and reptiles when it gets even hotter.

I hope the scientologists have got all this figured out when I join up next week.

But then,who's going to tell the 30ft tall beast with 2ft long fangs to cut back on farting?There's a parable here somewhere.

Pete McCluskey.

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Kalun, I much prefer your message than the climate change BS, in Oz we have a movement started by a bloke called Ian Kiernan, called Clean up Australia. Clean Up. It has been embraced by hundreds of thousands of volunteers who each year help clean up our environment. It doesn't stop thoughtless people continuing to pollute though.:sad: