Jack for Quick Lifts

Randy V

You may want to consult the mfgr of your car before attempting to lift either end of your car by the Parrot Beaks...
I know of a fellow that bent up the front end of his SPF Cobra by trying it..
Thanks! I have read about that as well, and have an inquiry out to Superformance/Hillbank on that. I have also read about people being able to use a floor jack to raise the car from the side. The Superformance Owner's manual does not give jacking points (I have looked several times), although one picture appears to be using a floor jack, but it's not clear. I also plan to call Hi-Tech Auto in South Africa tomorrow a.m. Also, I am really enjoying the revised site!
Chris here are some drawings to make your own quicklift jack, its great inso much as you can get it quite away under to pick up on the floor pan front and rear.
cheers John
Thank you, John, very much for sending the plans---I have a friend who is terrific with fabrication, and I will discuss these with him. I like the idea that it is easily usable both front and rear.

Again, thank you, and I hope one day to return the favor,

/s/ Chris
I would probably have to shorten the lift height (e.g. increase the leverage or lifting ratio) or increase the handle length, or both. This plan indicates a 4.6/1 leverage, and my little ol' frame of 150 pounds could never lift (or start the lift) of the front weigh of my Manta (800 pounds, or even the 650 lbs unsprung) starting at a vertical position. Obviously there will be some gap between the lifting pad and the bottom of the chassis frame, which buys some leverage once contact is made, but this would be most useful for really low cars (i.e. track days).

I'm assuming once the handle is started downward, the force needed is the sine of the horizontal angle * weight lifted. Anybody have any experience as to what percentage of one's body weight can practically be applied to the end of a vertical handle in terms of torque or force on the end of that handle as one tries to pull it down toward the ground? I would think it would obviously not be 100% of ones body weight.
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Thanks, Dave. This is terrific, and I love how the bar is reinforced and connects securely with the floor jack. If you know of someone who could fabricate something like this please let me know, as my own skills aren't the best.

/s/ Chris
i have one i made myself the handle is about 6 ft i suppose or there abouts, and it easily lifted the back of the McLaren and i'm only 180lbs and nigh on 70 so if i can manage you young bucks will have no trouble.