Kudos to Mark Sibley at MDA

Dave Lindemann

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Hi all -
I'm involved in a search for a GT40 replica that meets my criteria. Mark Sibley has been very responsive to all of my requests for information which is no small task considering my requirements. I love to do my own wrenching (I'm a Lotus owner after all!) and I'm looking for a manufacturer who is flexible. I'm looking for a manufacturer that is willing to provide the parts I want (need) in a kit and that will allow me to source items locally that I know I can purchase for less money. I'm not a wealthy person but I don't consider myself a tight wad either - I just don't want to make stupid purchases (especially considering the current exchange rate). So far Mark has exceeded my expectations.
Still looking - but getting closer to a decision.
Dave Lindemann

Dave Lindemann

Lifetime Supporter
Hi Bill -
Yes, I have and Fran's product is still under strong consideration - his product appears to be first rate. Actually, I almost had an opportunity to visit his shop during a recent business trip to Michigan - but it was a bit too far to go with the time I had available. My only concern with RCR is the availability of all of the parts needed to complete the car - the detail pieces. I asked Fran about this in an email but he never responded.
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Hey Dave,

I am currently the MDA North American rep and I have my Mk I demonstartor arriving next week. I will be attending Carlise this May with my chassis, Mark Sibley will possibly do the event with me.

Everything you need to complete the build is there and the quality is top notch. ZF and G50 options are also a bonus.

If you need any info, feel free to contact me anytime.

Happy hunting-


you have a PM...

If I did not reply to your email it means I did not receive it...always call 586-557-6460 if there are questions as its always good to have all the answers.


Dave Lindemann

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Hi Fran -
I'll give you a call later this week.

To clarify, I understand that emails don't always go through and people get busy (I know I do). I in no way meant to imply that you are non-responsive or that there is a problem with your product. If anyone got that from my post I sincerely apologize.

I'm still investigating all of my options as this is a big purchase for me. I always appreciate when a manufacturer is willing to discuss the details of their product so purchasers can make an informed decision.

Dave Lindemann