KVA frame


I'm close to buy a 'basic kit' of KVA. Two things open:
- there's no rear part of the frame. Someone cut it off. Does anybody have some ideas what and how to re-build?
- there is a Cortina front suspension - shall I keep it, or is there something that makes more sense?

I'd do lots of research on this site, it's all here. The chassis and suspension is crucial and will define the end result; not sure I would start from here

Presumably you've read
The GT40 Replicas

Which would suggest you have a KVA 'A' chassis where someone has planned to fit the GTD (or similar) rear setup but given up part way.

You may also find
Drawings of use

If I'm honest as it's not a whole chassis and the KVA 'A' is IMO very poor in comparison to later 'kits' unless there is a good good reason for keeping it as a 'KVA' (such as cost, its a valid reason) I'd be looking at getting a whole chassis from Tornado/GTS/Southern GT. Failing that I'm sure all three would be open to selling you what is essentially a rear end and indeed a front end too. Although by the time you've done that it would be easier just to get a whole chassis! All of them would be a very substantial improvement on the original KVA. I can't give you prices for Tornado as they don't list a separate chassis price on their website (I'm sure Andy will if you ask) but GTS currently lists just a chassis for £2000 and Southern GT for £3500 which gives you an idea of the kinds of prices you'd be looking at.

If you're up to do the steel work yourself then there are some plans for sale which you could modify to match the KVA, see this thread which has some links which may be of interest.

Good Luck! :)


Thanks all. I will see what negotiations will bring. At least I know where I may buy the remaining "rest" ......