Lap Laguna in an Mclaren M6 Canam

Professor Plumpe

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Great clip, interesting approach to the corkscrew, a "coasting" turn in....

No undue loads in the chassis - probably a better method than arriving with your pants on fire given this section's chequered history! :)


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I thought the same thing that he was a little casual on the approach to the corkscrew but ..... while all is quiet you can hear the car sliding in!
My only track time there is on a racebike and as I remeber it the track is slightly down hill at the turn in point so that may effect a car more than a bike. Who knows he may have had cold tires (oh sorry, should have said "tyres"). More likely is the fact it looks like the track had just been repaved (for the US MotoGP) and was still 'green'.
Remember the M6 very well.

Amazing but the car seems slow by today's standards !!!

Still it is fast enough to put a big smile on my face !!