Light covers




Just a note to let you know that Mark Clapp and his light covers are real.

He had me check the thickness I needed on Saturday ... and then had them shipped the following Monday.

Please note, that they are shipped "fat" ... that is with a fair amount of fitting room. I do not know how other manufacturers provide them, but Mark's should fit almost anything out there. The fitting is going to be much like other things on this car, slow and careful.

The instructions send are clear and Mark provides part numbers and sources for the fasteners and tools required.

Pretty much a class act!
I also got a set of covers from Mark. Very nice pieces and a very nice person to deal with. If anyone out there is looking for these peices he's the man to go to.
Thanks again Mark
Excellent, excellent. I understand G---ge is tooling up for stainless steel light covers for GT40s, also available in cast with high-temp coating...
Alright, I'll quit needling.
Guys, My light cover set just arrived from Mark Clapp. Good stuff, as discussed above they have to be trimmed, but this is not a detriment and it appears that the extra material will allow fitting to most any GT replica. The fit to my GTD is quite good, and the included instructions are thorough.
Thanks Mark, Brian

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I just discovered the site and started looking at the BB or forum. I'm starting to see "George"'s name frequently, with not too complementary coments regarding exhaust. So, take a look at the "thread?" regarding exhaust wait times for my further comments on exhaust system availability.