Lola T70 body wanted

I'm looking for a T70 coupe body & DOT windshield (real or copy-kit car?). Together or either by them selves. Particularly the windshield. Thanks
Karl I have a Lotus Europa that the wheel base is nearly the same as a T70 (+- 1"). I have a fantacy to rebody it with a T70.
Hi Mike,

I know of a Lola T-70 MK3-B body for sale. I also know of a wind screen (it may still be for sale.... I have also used a Lotus frame under a Lola body. I'd be glad to send photos to you...

we've already talked from you listing on race cars sale site. There's a guy here in Ca. that has a windshield for sale for a rediculous price I know.
Like I said, I would just build a new frame, but attached a few...


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Any idea of shipping cost to California? I don't know anything about shipping such a thing. Price sounds reasonable is it an RCR body? Yes frame doesn't look too great.
It is not RCR. The body was purchased from a man named Rodney Bender in Ohio, he was liquidating parts for someone who had died I believe. The body is not in a glassy-smooth gel coat, and will need prep work for paint. I'd leave it up to your research, but you might call up auto shippers and explain you have a non-rolling body shell/ kit car or something?

When I moved it, I rented a U-haul box truck. If you were willing to cover u-haul truck rental/gas/a couple nights hotel/return air ticket, I might consider a road trip if it ended up being cheaper than the shippers.
Just had a thought, one of those PODS-type moving containers would likely work. Again, no idea what they cost...
One reason I asked about it being an RCR body. Is that their windshields might not actually fit (or a "real" T70) for that matter. You never know exactly how accurate a repro is compared to an original or someone elses "copy". Not that I'm a stranger to fiberglass & doing modifications to it.

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I have a couple of them for sale also, with various amounts of parts to be included. If you would like further details, please email me directly. I am in Lower Michigan.

Regards Brian
My windshields fit an original as they are made from tooling based on an original 3B body....we supply them to fit originals regularly.

Our 3B body is also exactly the same as used on all the continuation cars too.