Looking for used or new Quaife QBE62G ZF Transaxle

I had the exact same issue with Quaife mid-way through my build and finally my installer, Dennis Olthoff, was able to get a used ZF. You might try contacting Hillbank Motorsports in Irvine, California, V's Performance (also in Southern California), and your own installer if you are using one. I know how frustrating it is when this happens, but be persistent and keep checking!

/s/ Chris

Rick Muck- Mark IV

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Hillbank in California has been holding stock of these but may be reserving them for Superformance customers, but worth a call.
Yeah, I know. I originally ordered my car from them, but with the taller-geared Quaife box (which they special ordered for me), then Quaife ran out of boxes altogether! Long story short: Everything worked out, as I got a ZF with the ratios I wanted. I think the moral of the story is to get the box you want early in the build process and hold onto it.

/s/ Chris
Thanks gents. I will give them a ring.
The box isn't actually for a GT40 but for a new car we are doing a run of
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I just checked with the person who has the ZF. I have directed them to this cite and your inquiry. If they are interested in selling it, they will respond to this thread. Best of luck.