Brand new transaxle to a BMW M1.

I have a brand new transaxle from BMW to a BMW M1, ZF 5DS-25-2 from ther overstock of gearboxes,
This gearbox are stronger than from Panteras, Mangusta or GT40 and are original for normal position and not upside down like in a Pantera.
Perfect for low engine placement for a low center of gravity applikation.
It is a brand new gearbox from BMW so it was stored in the right way.
Best offer over 10 000 $.
Send mail for pictures.

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Brian Kissel

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Please post pictures and a location. You must state a price also. This is not Ebay. This is in the agreement you signed when you became a member. Please follow the rules.

Regards Brian

Randy V

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Thanks Brian.
Post moved to garage sale.
Stefan, please follow the rules as requested.
Location are n Bredared close to Boras in Sweden.
Gear linkage are simpler than on the earlier gearboxes and they are about 20% stronger than earlier gearboxes.
Price is 12 000 $ plus shipping or pickup in Sweden.

[email protected]
Phone +46702425863