Looking for Weber 48 IDA Trumpets

David Morton

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When I installed the Renault transmission in my car, the rear IDA 48 carbs were almost touching the back window (glass variety) so I had the Velocity tubes reduced in length from front to rear to allow them to breath. Now, things have changed a bit and I'm approaching the final installation of the ZF trans which allows the motor to sit about 4 inches lower and 1 inch forward. What I need to do now is return the IDA48 s back to their original spec and to find someone who can supply the original velocity stacks (6 of , as the front Carb remained unaltered).
Anybody got any ideas ?
I've spoken to Webercarbsdirect.com but they were not all that helpful and don't list the velocity stack as a spare for the IDA48.

David Morton

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Thanks Ian.

5 mins later

Just spoke to Andy in their Spares dept. Not an item they stock.
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There is a local shop in my area, Carbs Unlimited, that carry the standard stacks. A pair runs about $30USD. I'd be happy to get what you need and ship them to you if you can't find something locally.



Might be worth trying Mick at Southern GT I seem to remember on my last visit they mentioned something about changing the velocity stacks back to original on a customers car. If so and knowing Mick they should be at a very good price.