Lowering GTD engine/box with full size bell housing..

Ok, I know I'm late to the party with the whole GTD engine lowering thing, but, has anybody lowered the engine and gearbox with a full size bellhousing?
I can see that with the renault box, bellhousing and adaptor plate, there will need to be some minor "surgery" carried out, but even before lowering, the Dust shield and therefore bellhousing, sits level with the top of the chassis line and lowering it by any amount would mean cutting out an essential chassis member completely! as it is, just to get it to fit will mean cutting into the chassis member. I'd appreciate any advice from GTD owners who have used a full size bellhousing. Thanks.


Yep, been there , done that, doing one at the moment. 1st item Simon, cut of the bottom of the bell housing - then it all becomes obvious , Frank