LS9 for sale

I wanted to post this in the SLC club house first just to see if any of you are interested. If not, I'll put it in the for sale section and then on to Ebay. If any of you are on other sites like FFR or LSTech, feel free to let them know too(I would appreciate it!). I have this brand new crate engine and I am going a different direction now. I have the engine and a custom wiring harness. The engine cost $25,000 and the complete, ready to drop in, stand alone wiring harness was another $5000 investment. This is not a harness taken out of another car or made for another car. You will need this if you are going to use this in an engine swap or race car.

Make me an offer and you might take it home! I realize the engine prices have come down since this mill was purchased and I don't expect to get what I paid.


6one8 322 6zero46